Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the BradyServe Portal.  The BradyServe Portal combines our three distributor focused websites into one easy to find location.  Here you will find the information and services that were offered on BradyServe (e-commerce related functions), (marketing resources) and (educational resources).  

If you are looking for product information including troublshooting, specifications, release notes, warranty information and frequently asked questions on Brady products - visit the Brady Knowledge Center.

Logging In

The Log In screen provides you the ability to log in to both BradyServe for e-commerce related functions and BradyLibrary for marketing resources and materials.  

  • BradyServe - Enter your User Name (typically your email address) and password.  You will then be presented with options that can be performed within the BradyServe e-commerce area.
    • Forgot your password?  Just click on the "Forgot Password" link, enter your email address and a new password will be sent to you.
    • Don't have an account.  Click on the "Request Account" button to request access to BradyServe.  Your request will be reviewed and approved by an administrator during normal business hours.
  • BradyLibrary - Find out more about BradyLibrary.  Use your BradyLibrary log in and password to sign in.
    • Forgot your username or password?  Click on the link to request your information and an email will be sent to you.
    • Don't have an account.  Click on the "Create Account" button.  Enter Registration Code "Brady IDS N. America Distributor" and your information. Once submitted, your request will be reviewed and approved by an administrator during normal business hours.
  • BradyUniversity - Find out more about BradyUniversity. Use your BradyUniversity log in and password to sign in.
    • Forgot your username or password? Click on the link to request your information and an email will be sent to you.
    • Don't have an account. Click the "Sign Up" button. Complete the form and submit your request. Once submitted, your rquest will be reviewed and approved by an administrator during normal business hours.

BradyServe Log In


Multiple Account Users  
Upon log in you were presented an option to select the account you will be working on (Bill To and Ship To).  If at any time you need to update this while you are the site:

  1. Hover over your name in the upper right corner to get the menu to appear
  2. Select "Change Customer" from the drop down
  3. Select the "Bill To" from the drop down list that appears
  4. Select the "Ship To" you are working on
  5. Now when you go to Checkout or Create Quote - it will be associated to what you selected from the Change Customer screen.


Step 1:  Pricing, Availabilty and Ordering

  1. Parts can be looked up using the part or catalog number.  If you do not know either you can search based upon keywords / text.​
    • Custom parts should not be used.  If you need to place or reorder a custom part please contact Customer Service.
  2. You have a couple of options for getting your price and the estimated ship date:
  3. Viewing Your Price and Estimated Ship Date
    • Once you have your products in the cart, your price and the estimated ship date will be displayed.  Note the estimated ship dated is based upon the quantity.  Need more?  Update the quantity and we'll update the estimated ship date based upon the new quantity.  Have a Price Assurance?  Here you'll be able to enter that and Your Price will be updated to reflect it. 
  4. When your list is complete, you will be able to checkout or create a quote.

Step 2: Billing and Shipping

  • Billing Information will appear on screen based upon how your account is set up with Brady Corporation.  ​Have multiple Bill To's (accounts with Brady)?  View Multiple Account Users.
  • Shipping Information​​
    • Current Customers (Ship To): You can search for you Ship To in the search box. After 3 characters a list of your Saved Addresses that match will appear. Add more characters and your list will continue to narrow. OR if you see your address in the drop down - select it.
    • Shipping to Yourself? Select "Use Billing Address"
    • New Customer / Ship To Address: If you have a new customer, select Create New.
    • Purchase Order (PO) Number is a required field. Make sure to enter this.
    • Shipping: Select how you would like to ship your order.  If you select anything other than Brady Best Way you will be required to select the method (Overnight, Ground, etc) and provide your account number for that carrier.  It will then be billed to your company account.
    • After updating, click Continue to Review your cart and billing / shipping information before placing your order.



Saved Quotes

After adding products to your cart you will have the option to Checkout or "Create Quote".  Create Quote will allow you to save the products you placed in your cart for later view.  You can create quotes.

To view Quotes

  1. Click on "Saved Quotes" at the top of the page or from the drop down menu when you hover over your name.  
  2. You will now see Quotes you created on BradyServe and offline with one of our reps
  3. You can either Select the Quote you want to view Search for your quote by clicking "Search Saved Quotes +"
  4. Ready to purchase your quote, add the lines you want to order to the cart 
  5. Go to the cart and checkout as normal

NOTE: If you need to update or adjust your quote, please contact our Customer Service team directly.

Order History

Here you can view your previous orders.  You can easily search for an order by clicking on “Search Orders +.”  This will expand the search, allowing you to search on a number of options.

To view details on an order click on either the Date or Order #.  You will now be able to view your order, find links to track your order once shipped and reorder products.


On both Order History and Order Details you will see “Order Status.”  This is at the order level.  If products are shipped separately - this will be updated once the entire order has been shipped.


Order Status:

  • Submitted - Order has been submitted to Brady and has not yet been entered into Brady’s system.

  • In Progress - Order is currently in the system and is being processed.

  • Completed - Order has been shipped



Order Details


Design Your Own Signs
You can quickly and easily create your own custom sign with the Custom Sign tool.  It will walk you through the steps to select your specifications.  Add it to your cart to view your price.  

Design Your Own Custom Sign

Certificate Request

  • To request a Certificate on a Brady product, complete the request form.

Contact Us

  • Need to contact Customer Service or Technical Support? All contact information is located on the Contact Us page.
  • Find an issue with the website?  Have a suggestion for the website? Let us know.